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Ferrari photos

Testarossa, an F40, an F50, 288 GTO and an Enzo

The Day I Photographed My Neighbor’s “Cars”.

What a morning I had the day that these photos were taken…

My neighbor called and asked me, “Thierry, would you come to take photos of my cars before I sell them?” I agreed, but I had no idea what I was about to experience. These were more than just cars; they were Ferraris – a Testarossa, an F40, an F50, 288 GTO and an Enzo to be exact!

These cars are rare to say the least. In fact, there are less than 200 of them in the USA. The value of these “toys” exceeded $1 million.

Please enjoy below some of the photos taken with my Canon 5D Mark II and my favorite lens 17/40.

© Thierry Dehove Photography. All rights reserved. These images, or derivative works, can not be used, published, distributed or sold without written permission of the owner.

I and the toys ;)
Detail of F40
Inside Enzo
Detail F40