Dance of perfume and colors

In Arcachon, France

Dance of Perfume and Colors: It was early on a Saturday morning when the sun was just rising and starting to present the unique colors that only Mother Nature has the ability to generate.

Bassin d’Arcachon or in English Arcachon Bay, is a bay off of the Atlantic Ocean on the southwest seashore of France. It is a landmark between the Cote d’Argent and the Cote des Landes, in the region of Aquitaine. The bay covers an area of 150 km² at high tide and 40 km² at low tide. Some of its notable features are several natural preservation areas.

So, we went sailing on his traditional boat known as a Pinasse. Long and flat bottomed, Pinasse style boats sail slowly and enable you to savor the beauty of the region. We could literally smell the complex perfume of the bay – the birds, fish, oysters, and water creating a dance of aromas that enchanted my sense of smell.

We sailed around the Bay to get a view of the “cabane tchankés” which means in old French “house with legs”. They sit directly on the sand and are licked by waves. Built with a minimum of comforts and only fireplaces to keep the residents warm, Pascal showed us these unique architectural structures. Fortunately, our timing was good. It was low tide, and I let my camera enjoy the spot where each frame was a painting.

Enjoy these photos, and please visit this unique place if you have the opportunity. The people are friendly, and history is preserved. You’ll definitely get a better understanding of what France was like before the first war.

Captured with my Canon 5D and my Canon 16/35 mm + TS 24 mm
Edited with Intensify Pro from Macphun Software, finished with Adobe Photoshop + Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 

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