Charlotte Consorti Professional Kiteboarder

In Miami

Charlotte Consorti Professional KiteboarderI met Charlotte during a Kite Trip in the Keys with Etienne Lhôte organizing by Christophe Ribot from Miami Kiteboarding. She is a French F-one rider and 2 times kite speed world champion. Very peaceful and calm lady, I was honored to spent few days with her. We didn’t have strong wind to break her record ;), however he enjoyed with Etienne riding the Keys, Key Biscayne and Boca Chita.

Charlotte is the world’s fastest female sailor with 50.43-knot speed record during the Luderitz Speed contest, she is the first woman to exceed 50 knots. She was also ranked 8th overall, which is truly impressive, in front of most men. (The speeds are measured with high precision by two cameras placed on the start and finish lines of the run, and computer monitored. The system is installed, maintained and monitored by, which system is approved by the WSSRC for the matter. A display at the end of the run that shows instantly when the riders pass the finish line, his average speed and his ranking.)

To complete this profile she has the most beautiful smile. Merci Pretty Charlotte.

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