Photography Services Description

After all the photography adventures over the last 25 years with experience of shooting in different venues and destinations all over the world, I offer a handful of photography services to meet all types of personal and business needs. The packages I provide are carefully planned so that your event goes off without a hitch!

You will find many professional firms and individuals that charge per image and offer per use rights on top of fees for per session or hour. To make it hassle-free for my clients, I charge a flat rate for a single, multiple, or half day shoots along with editing the photos as per the requirements. Besides, my customers will get the full usage rights of all the photos they have paid for.

If you spend some time to check the photo galleries, you will get a grasp of my skill of bringing life into even the simplest of subjects. My effort goes in capturing the true nature of the animate or inanimate objects and then retouching the images to uncloak their inner aesthetic. Check the following photography services description to understand my areas of expertise and the services I offer.

Architectural and Commercial Photography

Pictures have the power to elicit feelings and emotions. Without uttering a word, they can create experiences close to the reality and leave lasting impressions in viewers’ mind. Every business has a story, and sharp visuals are the easiest medium to establish an intimate connection between your story and the audience.

Through my architectural and commercial photography services, I help express those stories to fuel the brand images.

My focus is not only capturing the form but also relate a product or structure to its surroundings through the creative use of color, light, and photographic composition.

Take a look at my portfolio of architectural and commercial photography.

By looking at the photos of real estate, architecture, service & product advertising campaigns, theater & movie sets, yachts, and business portfolios, you will realize how the viewers benefit from my unique sense of perception and mode of expression.

Corporate, Artists and Public Figures

My years of experience in this sector has taught me one valuable lesson – taking great photos of an event, convention, or a person is simply not enough! Your business or profile needs to stand out of the crowd.

So, I emphasize on taking not only high-quality images but also try to relate my subjects to what they do. It helps a corporate business to build trust online and individuals to connect with their audience.

Check my portfolio to see the snaps of business people, work team, staff, administration boards, annual report, and business portfolio of individuals. It also features posters, artistic productions, press photos, album covers, calendars, blog, and websites.

Lifestyle and Composite Photography

Reading the photography services description will make you realize how my definition of ‘lifestyle photography’ differs from other professionals. I simply don’t catch a lifestyle session; I catch a moment so that my clients can cherish it as something valuable later in their life. Whether it is a graduation, pets, maternity, newborn, pregnancy, wedding, or engagement photo-shoot, I try to incorporate the real-life events instead of capturing staged photos.

On the other hand, I create a story board for a single event and take images and collect information to fit that frame. For example, if I am doing a project with an older couple, I will take an authentic story from their life that expresses their relationship goals or their love for each other, and then narrate that tale through my lenses.

Composite photography is about creating an alternative reality, and I spend adequate time to study the models’ poses and actions and plan the compositions.

Find out my photographs of musicians, artists, and casting portfolios for actors and models.

Food Photography

Top-quality creative product photography services are the key to boosting e-commerce conversion. In fact, it’s easier to interact with an online audience with beautiful photos of your products.

So, whether you are in the food business, a restaurant owner, or a food blogger, cut the ties with the mediocre stock photos because that will only ruin your reputation. Increase the reach of your business, create a strong online presence, and be a social media star with vibrant photos.

Find out the magic I am capable of doing with still photographs related to food, sports, and editorials. Here you will also see scores of images featured on various prestigious online and print media.

Published images & Specialty services

Specialty Services

My innate fascination with people combined with my artistic spirit has given me a different viewpoint about how I observe and assimilate the man-made world.

My photographs not only capture the subjects but also the aesthetics of the surroundings and how they move and live in those environments.

I have never shied away from applying bold, colorful compositions if required. I believe in discovering the true essence or spirit of a subject through my lens, and I am ready to give everything my best shot if that helps me to get what I am looking for.

My specialty services include people and special events. Discover the conception and artistic direction that drive me in these examples of finished projects.

The Post-Production Work

It’s the last phase of my photography services description. Most people have no idea about how an image has been prepared for final presentation. A professional photographer needs to know how to take great pictures and have excellent editing skill to make them ready according to the client’s requirements.

I personally retouch each photo to adjust the color, light, design, and form so that the flow of expression is impeccable. The final impression can be dramatic or subtle, but my edited photos will definitely be able to stir the audience.

The post-production work can take a half day to more depending on the size of the project, the extent of the requirements, and the complexity of the job. Get a glimpse of my retouched photos at the post-production section.