Architectural Photography Before and After Series

Professional photographers just don’t take snaps. Their job is to make the pictures talk, and doing so takes a certain level of photo editing expertise. The photographers need to add texture, dimension, depth, and drama to the images to create visual interest. These are critical com-positional elements in architectural and interior photography to add clarification to the photos and make the details of the subjects vivid. Looking at my architectural photography before and after series will help you to understand the challenges I overcome to complete every single project.

Let’s find out the extent of effort I have to put for each before and after photography assignment:

The Beginning – Sessions

It refers to everything between preparing the set to taking the photographs. You can charge for the time you have spent in sittings with the clients to take instruction, preparing the instruments, making the setup, helping your subjects to get ready for the photo shoot, and taking the pictures.


Architectural photography requires editing because every client wants their images to look impeccable and error-free. Besides, you won’t always get the proper lighting and angle when taking photographs outdoor. Eventually, it’s the photographer’s editing skill that can save the day.

The edit-work may take minimum half of a day to a full day depending on the number of images and the extent of modification. The post production includes color addition or removal, lighting correction, blemish removal, exposure merging, perspective adjustments, retouching, and final adjustments. An architectural photography before and after series may need a couple or all of the rework services mentioned above.

Looking at all of my before-after series, you will notice that the pictures have been modified and cleaned up but without sacrificing their real-life affiliation.

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