Creatives Rising : Presented by See.Me

in New York City

This image was include in the upcoming Creatives Rising show! My work was featured in New York City on October 5th along with thousands of other inspiring artists from around the globe in an exciting display of art.

The evening featured over 1,000 artists exhibited across three locations, and included a warehouse full of music, an outdoor food festival and a 32 story tall video mapped performance.

  • See | Exhibition space featured a digital exhibition of over 1,000 artists from the international creative community of See.Me, and live music.
  • The Warehouse featured several DJ’s including: Nutritious, Robert Lux, and Big VIC. With a special site-specific interactive performance installation “The Seeds that Release”, by Taxiplasm and Joseph Grazi.
  • The Garden featured live music and sculpture exhibitions, and most importantly: views of the massive scale video projection performance orchestrated by Dan Baker of Portl. With food available from Alo Bar NYC, LIC Market, SAGE General, Alewife Queens, M.Wells, Vendome Macaroon, Pipsnacks and CheesePops.

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Enjoy them. Posted October 2013

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Creatives Rising : Presented by See.Me in New York City
Creatives Rising : Presented by See.Me in New York City