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Jessica from Studio 414 contacted me few months for an interview for her beautiful website: Studio 414 was started in 2008 by people who understand what it feels like to Aspire to be a photographer. Being passionate about photography and aspiring to be better is exciting, fun, and sometimes frustrating! Our initial decision to start a contest that gave away the Canon 5d was because we knew for an aspiring photographer to win such an amazing camera would be like a “Dream come true”. Our site is designed to inspire and encourage the aspiring photographer! I like this spirit and philosophy, this site is here to help photographers because they think that great photos can be taken with any camera and I do believe the same thing 😉

Here the interview below. Thanks again so much Jessica


Google Nik Collection Webinar Trainer since 2013
Getty Images Contributor since 2013
Kiteboarding and Kitesurfing Instructor IKO Level 1 (IKO International Kiteboarding Organization) since 2010
Member of PPA (Professional Photographer of America) since 2010
Atelier Met de Peninghen Superior school of grafic arts (Paris – 1989)
Computer grafics training at art deco school.(Paris – 1988).
Vocational trainning certificate of advertising at the High school of advertising. (Ecole Supérieure de la Publicité, Paris – 1986/87).
Graduation of High school in management & accounting (Yvelines – 1982/1986).

From an interview I gave last time in delray:

At first glance, from an outsider’s point of view Thierry Dehove appears to be an overnight success. After all, he’s photographed for sophisticated magazines like Conde Nast Traveler, Opulence Magazine and a host of others. He focuses on high end architectural shoots for publications with high end clientele.
But Dehove didn’t simply pick up a camera one day and start shooting works of photographic art. It took 25 years as a creative director in the magazine industry, during which he paid close attention to just what it takes to make great photographs and the value a great photo holds. In 2009 he put that knowledge into practice when he suddenly became the one wielding the camera, a move that permanently altered his career path.

A native of Paris, Dehove attended Atelier Met de Penninghen Superior school of grafic arts. After completing his education he embarked on a career in graphic design as an art director. His job commanded that he know what it takes to artfully compose an image that is powerful enough to evoke emotions and, at the same time, compelling enough to convince potential customers to buy. His experience gained him the eye of a master. Knowing exactly what a cover photo should look like, he was charged with finding photographers to capture those images. Dehove had been a hobby photographer for years, but it wasn’t until he was working on a magazine spread for which he could not find the right photographer to get the shot he needed that he decided to do it himself. He immediately recognized he had a passion for photography, as well as a great eye the one thing in photography that can’t be taught. With a little luck and the help of a real estate professional, Dehove got the chance to photograph a Conde Nast Traveler Cover shot in 2009. That opportunity opened a lot of doors.

Now, says Dehove, “I partner with industry leaders and award winning publications to create the visual imagery that supports their marketing and design efforts.” Dehove captures the essence of luxury real estate, yachts, resorts and travel destinations. “Photography can make or break a marketing campaign,” Dehove says. “A perfect photograph of your product can not only engage your customers, it can drive sales. As the old adage goes, one picture is worth a thousand words. And in some cases, one great photograph is worth thousands, if not millions, of dollars.”

Although he wasn’t formally trained as a photographer, Dehove spent a lot of time studying the technical side of photography through the use of online tutorials like Kelby Training. Just 4 years after making photography his full-time career Dehove will admit there is an overwhelming amount of information to master on the technical side of the profession, which is why he continues to upgrade his skills by studying online and sharing his photos on sites like Flickr and Google+. “As a photographer you never stop learning,” Dehove says., “There’s just way too much to learn and the technology and marketplace are constantly changing.” Besides a passionate photographer, Thierry has a love of the Ocean and kiting! This is probably why photographing homes on the sea comes with ease! He is close to his love of the ocean, and using his amazing eye to capture the essence of living with the sea!

The inside details about Thierry Dehove’s Photography

Main lenses: Canon 16/35 F2.824/70 F2.8 and 70/200 F2.8
Time Spent Editing: In general, for each day of photo shooting, I have half day of editing
Editing & Image Management Software: Lightroom, Photoshop + Google Nik Collection
Online Classes taken: Kelby Training + Google Nik Software + others
What is the main source of business for you? Now for sure word of mouth and spending a lot of time to promote my photos on Google +, facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, NAPP, Tumblr, FlickR
How long did it take you before you could call yourself a professional photographer? After  25 years in the graphic design as Art Director, I am focusing on the photography since 2009, so I would say since the day I did the cover of Conde Nast Traveler in June 2010
What did you go to school for? Art School in Paris “Atelier Met de Peninghen Superior school of grafic arts”

Enjoy them. Posted September 2013

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